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Bark, Microblogging for Matrix

The initial plan was to create a brand new microblogging system for Matrix which would be completed in the time span given. As it currently stands, 'Bark' is not ready since it was decided that a Twitter 'bridge'* should be written as an experiment. This was decided to both scratch an itch for the Matrix project which makes use of Twitter but cannot use it under their own platform, and to demonstrate a working example of a microblogging platform without the overhead of it's internals.

Over the course of the coding period, I have written a complete solution to interact with Twitter over Matrix. In addition, I have provided fixes and changes to other parts of Matrix as I came across them. While I had hoped to create my own solution, it would be more beneficial for Matrix to work with existing solutions before we strike out on our own. I fully intend to move onto creating Bark after the GSoC period and to continue contributing to Matrix.

* A bridge allows the Matrix platform to communicate with another seamlessly

All my contributions during the period of the 2016 GSoc have been linked below.

Matrix Twitter Bridge

Project Homepage

My Commits

Changes to matrix-appservice-bridge

My Commits

I used this project to write my bridge, and implemented a feature I needed for my code.

Bug fixes for Synapse

Matrix has it's own server software, Synapse which I submitted a some changes to when I ran into issues with my code.

My Commits

Bug fixes for matrix-react-sdk

My Commits

Maintaining the Python SDK

My Commits

Original Bark Proposal and Specification