$half-shot.uk 'Stuck in the past' edition


Chatting in a Blender

Chatting in a Blender general Will Thu 3rd Nov 2016

Chatting in a Blender

No, this isn't about the 3D modelling package

So Microsoft announced their [new teams Platform](h...

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Thinking Out Loud: Westerners

Thinking Out Loud: Westerners tol Will Fri 16th Sep 2016

Starting a new segment on the blog, just called 'Thinking Out Loud'. It is to be used as a way for me to talk about whatever is on my mind without a...

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Cooldown Period

Cooldown Period general Will Sun 4th Sep 2016

Okay so it's been a while since I've published on this blog so let's try and do things in order, paragraph by paragraph.

I started and finished my G...

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A Post of a Non-Technical Nature

A Post of a Non-Technical Nature furry Will Wed 20th Apr 2016

So I wanted this to become a technical blog. A place away from politics and drama, because I really wanted this to be a helpful site where people can...

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Video Games

Video Games general Will Sat 16th Apr 2016

As a forwarning, if you think I may have made reference to you, it wasn't in spite but just because I don't filter my thoughts on here

I think it ...

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Netting Matrix

Netting Matrix matrix Will Thu 7th Apr 2016

I recently got into working on matrix.org, which is a pretty awesome spec/set of tools & SDKs to create a decentralised messaging system. That's actu...

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Ace Attorney?

Ace Attorney? anime Will Mon 4th Apr 2016

Well I discussed this at great length. Like, as a fan who has been following the series for a while I was as hyped as it was possible to be. I counte...

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'Phoenix' general Will Fri 1st Apr 2016

Okay. So I bought half-shot.uk. And halfshot.uk...and half-shot.lol/halfshot.lol...

OKAY FINE I also bought doug.dog.

But that's not the point....

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