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A Post of a Non-Technical Nature

A Post of a Non-Technical Nature furry Will Wed 20th Apr 2016

So I wanted this to become a technical blog. A place away from politics and drama, because I really wanted this to be a helpful site where people can find out information about stuff which I'm also involved in. But to be honest, it's not so easy to do. So I am going to just choose whatever topic is in my head and today it's the elephant in the room; Furries.

I get way more questions on this subject than about anything else I do, which I guess isn't that surprising. I'm going to be careful here and say that I by no means a perfect example of anything to do with the fandom, so don't talk to any old fur and expect the same response. I'm going to nail down what I take from this massive base of culture so you don't have to assume much. Hell, I might even make it compulsory reading if somebody asks me again. As a final word on this, I've been involved actively for 3 months. This means I'm not a fountain of correct advice, but more of what I've collected together so far.

Do you do the suits?

I wish! They are (for decent quality) the cost of 3 decent gaming rigs. I don't have that kind of money to throw around so as much as I'd like to, I can't. So leading on from that, why? Basically because it's fun. To me, it's the same as cosplaying except your cosplaying as your own character (usually). I think people get freaked out at the idea that it's not a human and obviously that looks kinda odd to a human brain. The reality is it's just another made up world which people want to roleplay in and quite frankly some of the suits look fantastic.

Do you have a chosen animal or whatever?

Well I like canines the best, but I don't choose anything. The furry community tends to be almost overwhelmingly foxes, wolves and dogs which is of no surprise to anyone.

Do you have a fursona?

Actually, no. I've never figured one out for myself. I've promised myself the first (and probably only) fursona I want to make is one I design and draw myself. It will be canine, but beyond that I just don't know. Again, why? Again, because it's fun to have imaginary characters.

Is it a 'weird creepy fetish thing'? The internet say so.

The internet isn't wrong (though I think creepy is a little harsh). A good proportion do take part in the other side of the fandom because we kinda have a large base of activites in general. You can generally find "furry X" where that could be gaming, cooking, sports, music, etc. The fact that we have explicit stuff is no different to the regular stuff you find except it's for furries. That said, I don't take a too active part in that because it's ...not my thing.

I think it's worth noting that some people in the fandom take it too far in reality. As far as I'm concerned you can do what you like online as long as you keep it to your communites and don't force it on anyone. Many conventions however struggle with quite frankly extremely creepy people. You can imagine what sort of power you can get from hiding your identity and some abuse it. It's a tiny proportion of an awesome community, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Have you been to any conventions?

Again, I want to but the money be low. I worked out that one of the cons I wanted to go to would cost me £~300 for a couple of days. Send me outside the EU and it's going to get even worse. Speaking of which, the US holds the best ones and I'm still not sure if I want to set foot over there. The only UK one I wanted to vist was both sold out (they sell out in days) and directly over comicon. However, next year I fully plan to.

I will be doing some actual technical posts in a short while to detail some stuff about one new matrix project I've got brewing as well as a update on the C# SDK. However, I also need sleep :)