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Ace Attorney?

Ace Attorney? anime Will Mon 4th Apr 2016

Well I discussed this at great length. Like, as a fan who has been following the series for a while I was as hyped as it was possible to be. I counted down the days and streamed it as soon as the UK got it. And we got...something weird. I'm going to hopefully digest why I think it feels weird (not going to say bad yet) and about giving A1 pictures the benefit of the doubt...right now.

The pacing

To anyone who gets upset that I call it a game when it's technically a VN (Yeah, some people class these as entirely different things despite them being on the same platforms). I'm terribly sorry that you get hung up on that stuff

My biggest gripe was the pacing. We got all of about 5 minutes to get to grips that Ryuuichi Naruhodou is a rookie defense lawyer somewhere in japan and that he wants to lend a favor to his friend. No other back-story given. Exactly the same as the game. My issue is that this isn't a game, and that is why the pacing feels off.

And I think that is the real issue here. In a game, it changes pace rapidly. You can spend 5 minutes mulling over a piece of evidence or testimony and it's fine because you are playing. A player is always entertained when they are doing something with their brain. In this, we aren't expected to work it out. We aren't even given time. I probably don't even suffer the worst of it because I know all the cases to the minute details at this point, but someone new to the series might have a hard time.

Mia knows best, never give up

However, I want to point out something that a few people have missed. This was a very small case. It was a tutorial, with a prosecutor famous for having very little presence. I think it's fair to give a little benefit of the doubt to this episode on the basis there is very little meat to the source material. I THINK A1 could have made the effort to expand it a fraction, but fair enough they wanted to keep fans happy (ironically, not successfully). The other cases are full fat investigation cases with Miles fucking Edgeworth which will span multiple episodes so I hope the pacing will be good.

The 3D

No 3D. The originals didn't have it, and you are using the original source material. And let's be real here, it's a fucking court room; It's about as dynamic as a room full of recently painted walls. The characters are what's important to AA (at least inside the courtroom), and the 3D is just distracting. I've not found a single person to like the effect, so I have no idea why A1 went to the expense of doing it. We've not seen a investigation, and I'd like them to also remain 2D but I would be a little more receptive in a more dynamic environment.

The goofiness

This is a small point. I'm generally good with AA's brand of humor, but it felt a little awkward in the first episode. Larry (sorry, I'm English) was quite funny, but Sahwit conjuring up air and throwing phoenix to the floor? No, it's a little too far for me. I like the breakdowns, but I just don't like random 'magical' crap like that. The courtrooms are by all means really goofy, but they have to have a tiny bit of reality to them. Sahwit's hair falling out? I can believe that. Sahwit using his unknown power of the elements to kick Phoenix's mind into gear? A step to far. It's not really a huge issue for me, but I think it's perhaps something to keep in mind.

Mia knows best, never give up

But the soundtrack?

It's pretty awesome. They have a good mix of classics (which I had to crank up the volume for) and some new ones for ambiance. I actually liked some new and some old, it helped remind me that this is NOT the same as the 2002 game.

So, it's a flop?

I understand that people are looking at the first episode after all this time and expecting the worst, but I made that mistake of watching Steins;Gate all those years ago and the very first episode wasn't all that interesting to me. It just wasn't. It was about a 7/10 on the scale and in my young brain that didn't keep me watching. Now again, I face a anime that is about a 6.5, but as a fan I know the games got better as they progressed. So I will be giving A1 pictures the benefit of the doubt for one more episode before I begin to loose my faith in them.

Mia knows best, never give up

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